Working with horses as I have done for over 30 years , I have come to realize you cannot beat them with strength, speed or even brains.

Horses are just as smart as humans but they have a strong sense of justice.Treat them fair and be a leader they will trust and they will follow you anywhere. 

I have spent my years learning and unlearning, evolving into the person and trainer I can sleep at night being.

My journey has brought me to beyond so called natural horsemanship, ( they know we are not horses so why act like one,  horses I feel are laughing at us)

I have in the past few years become a student of clicker training and classical French dressage. The two work very well together. Clicker is about accessing the mind and soul and Classical dressage is about accessing the whole body.

Add to this my daughter who is training in Equine Rehab Therapy, and you have the whole package to a healthy relationship.

We are not a quick fix training barn, we are looking for a deeper connection, a longer road for sure, but one with great rewards.
So if you are stuck. If you or your horse are broken. If you want more than riding in endless circles. Come see us. You won't be disappointed. 
At HeronCrest we work the whole horse, body, mind and spirit.
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