Appleton Pony Club
For Kids who Love Horses
The Appleton Pony Club has been around for over 20 years.
With an emphasis on encouraging young riders, 
we have had a history of accepting
children as young as 7.
We are a branch of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Valley Region of the Canadian Pony Club.
We have riders that own their own horses and some that don't.
We have some that take lessons and some that don't.
We have riders that compete and those that don't.
So we try not  to exclude anyone.

Our other main focus is PPG's.
PPg's  are another team competition that has riders playing mounted games like egg and spoon and pole bending. It is done on ponies and is also loads of fun.
We meet every second Sunday at HeronCrest Stables 588 MacPherson Rd, Smiths Falls, ON
C and B Rally
Rally is a tough but fun learning and competiton. Members take their horses with them and stay overnight at excellent facilites where they are responsible and judged upon their horsemanship skills and care of their animals as well as learning or competitng in eventing.
Testing is done at all levels and is optional but encouraged. Pony lcub testing requires a written test, a stablemanagment oral, and a riding test. This year we had members test all the way from their D, which is walk and trot only and simple questions,  to C2 which involves cross country jumping at 3'3" as well as a very intense stablemanagment oral exam.
Quiz is something any member can enter even if they do not ride. It is a fun and challenging experience that requires all sorts of knowlwdge about horses.
This year one of our older members qualified to be on the National C team and traveled to Halifax where her
Way to go Melissa, Kaleigh, Katiana, and Sarah!