At HeronCrest we take pride in every horse we start or take under our wing to improve.
We like challenges and have undertaken everything from an 8 year old stallion  started for the first time; and a 17 year old Lipizzaner broodmare also for the first saddling and riding of her life, a young filly getting ready for the race track, and many others, and many re-schools.

​We incorporate clicker training skills to get the horse past roadblocks and seemingly large hurdles. Clicker Training is the most positive re enforcement training there is. We ignore all the "undesirable" behaviours and concentrate on the desired ones. horses very quickly stop doing the things we don't like. They respond well to this training and will offer very quickly things they see others learning. This makes learning both fun and quick.

We teach all lateral moves in hand first before mounting. Why struggle with a green horse having to cover all the lateral work so much later on, when it can be done quickly from the ground.

Very few trainers instruct a horse on how the bit works and the correct responses to the bits actions. We do this in hand so there is acceptance from the first ride.

We suit any disipline.
Our work under saddle and in hand is old school and classical. The first natural horsemen were dressage masters. True "Dressage " is at the root of all correct training, it is not just for competiton and sport. So even a western games pony can benefit greatly from a good correct start or even a re-school.

One month of basic training and backing
$650 includes work 3 days a week and outdoor board.

Competition training
$800 includes work up to 5 days a  week in gettting your horse to the level you wish to compete at.

$50 to ride your horse in a show (does not include trailering or entries)

At any time in the training process you may come and watch and even take lessons to help you understand the process. The Lessons are be included in the cost of training.
We are at: 
588 MacPherson Rd, Smiths Falls, ON, K7A 4S4
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