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Jisk aka Samson
sire to all these wonderful babies
Aurora x Jisk
born July 15, 2013
HC Eros
Eros was a well mannered foal and was kept as a stud until he was 7 years old where he produced another colt. He has competed very minimally but can walk trot canter. he has the beautiful Friesian movement from his sire! he has been trained very well through clicker-training and knows many neat tricks!
HC Athena
Holly x Jisk
born May 11, 2012
Athena had a late start to riding but while she wasnt being ridden she was trained extensively in clicker-training. she has all the buttons and now is going under saddle and even been to shows. she is extremely smart and a very quick learner. she can walk and trot, do almost all the lateral movements and is just starting to canter.
Jisk Like Dad
born April 14, 2007
Jisk was an easy foal to halter train, he always had impeccable manners and he was even an easy horse to back. Melissa Bayer trained him from the ground up and he has become such a handsome gentleman. He has competed up to second level dressage and scores mid 60's and even 80's at gold shows. he has all the lateral movements, even Spanish walk!
HC Loki
Holly x HC Eros
born May 8, 2019
Loki lives up to his name, the god of mischief. when he was only a year old he split his lip on something we didnt even know what. it healed over and now he has a mishapen lip. he is super friendly, easy to halter train and will be backed this winter.