Horses need to run and to roam. 
At Heroncrest we offer 100 acres of pasture and we 
let horses be horses. 
When you are not here, they may pine for you, 
but if they can be distracted by other horsey friends,
 then the time will go by much faster till you can return. 
At HeronCrest, our horses are turned out in well matched groups with a good herd structure and lots of room.
We have a large bright Cover-all Arena 
with heated viewing lounge and heated tack room. 
We often hold gatherings and small parties upstairs after events.
Our historic barn is well maintained 
and has many large box stalls.
We are at: 
588 MacPherson Rd, Smiths Falls, ON, K7A 4S4
Welcome to HeronCrest Stables
Have you ever boarded somewhere and it seems every time you turn around you have to pay for 
something else? 
Blankets, horse holding for the vet or farrier, extra feedings, boots, turnout, it never seems to end. 
At HeronCrest we belive that all this is included, 
So there are no hidden extra charges here.
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Here at HeronCrest you are free to ride whenever and whereever you please. our many riding rings are alaways open and you can always go on a trail ride in our feilds. countless things to do here.